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Body Wise Women Course

A 6 week course exploring our relationship with food and our bodies through story, metaphor and embodiment practices.
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Body Wise Women Course

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15 Feb, 09:14 – 22 Mar, 09:54
Zoom Webinar

About the event

Inspired by the book “Eating in the Light of the Moon” by Dr. Anita Johnston, we have created a delicious, Nurturing and Nourishing, 6 week course, in which we will be discovering the healing power of stories to help us dive deep into the heart of the labyrinth surrounding our conditioned eating and our relationship with our body.

The story we have been sold is that our bodies are wrong, our eating challenges are a sign that we are broken and that we must be fixed. This story is filled with shame and diminishes us from the inside out and simply is NOT True.

We are SO passionate about offering a space to transform and radically change this story. We have created this space for you to cease fire on the war with your body, start to recognise the magic you are and tap into the incredible wisdom that lives in your bones.

Each week we will explore a different topic/theme to gain a new, empowered perspective around our eating challenges, whilst tapping into the wisdom we carry within our bodies and connecting with other women in Sisterhood and solidarity.

“Upon reaching the centre of her being, she met up with the loving, nourishing Wise woman who lives within , whose sweet, strong voice would speak to her and teach her to fulfil her heart’s desires. And as she made her way back out into the world, guided by the soft, reflective light of the moon, she found herself getting stronger and stronger. Her step became lighter and easier, and she became more and more comfortable in her own skin. She had the courage to speak her truth, over and over, and the strength to set her limits, time and time again, so others could not trample on her newfound self. And so it was she found her way home” - Dr. Anita Johnston, Author of Eating in the Light of the Moon

The course is £65 and includes:

  • 6 x webinar connections
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Complementary Resources

We will also be making a donation to Tree Sisters, an organisation dedicated to tropical reforestation and channelling women’s Nature-based femenine leadership into local and global action. Please find out more about their incredible offerings here

We will be connecting Every Monday 6:30pm - 8:30pm Starting Monday the 15th of February - Monday the 22nd March 2021

Each week will be rich with stories both traditional and personal, sacred ceremony, discussion, embodiment practices such as visualisations and dance and creative tools and resources.

Week 1: Food is not the problem and neither are You! 

Week 2: Wild Cycles and the Power of the Feminine 

Week 3: Ebb and Flow of Emotions 

Week 4: Listening to our Intuitive Voice 

Week 5: Rooted Power 

Week 6: Re-claiming your Sovereignty

If you are ready to sink deep into trusting the wisdom that resides within your body and are hungry for a new story around your relationship with food and eating, then please come and join us! 

Please email Amy at to book your place.

Together we will connect in story, metaphor and the magic that resides at the very core of who we are.

We are incredibly excited to welcome you and (virtually) circle with you.

So much love,

Amy & Suzanne xx

About Amy: Amy is a Certified Groove Facilitator, Eating Psychology Coach, Workshop Facilitator and founder and Director of the social enterprise, SoulShine.

Having navigated her own body image and food challenges, Amy felt deeply called to support and empower others in the area of Eating Psychology.

Amy has spent almost ten years exploring the most powerful and empowering ways to support and empower her clients in their relationship with their bodies and their food. She offers a rich tapestry of knowledge, tools, practices and resources, drawing from nutrition, eating psychology, body positivity, body neutrality, fat liberation, Grooving, embodiment practices, storytelling, mythology and archetypes, and Reiki healing.

The result is Intuitively Nourished: a programme created to support women to make peace with their bodies, build confidence and resilience, and experience greater peace, trust, freedom and ease in relation to food.

Amy is passionate about changing the narrative around eating challenges, and transforming the shame stories so many women carry about themselves and their bodies. In group settings and on a one-to-one basis, she creates a safe, nurturing and empowering space, in which women can tap into the incredible wisdom that resides in their bodies, souls, minds and hearts, so they feel truly nourished in all aspects of their lives.

Amy is continually in awe of the magic that happens in these spaces where our human fullness is welcomed, witnessed and held with kindness and acceptance.

To find out more about her work, please visit

Or find her on FB @groovewithamy and Instagram @intuitively_nourishedwithamy

About Suzanne: "Who am I?

Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Friend. Experienced storyteller, aka, Suzanne the Storyweaver; celebrant, ceremonialist and holder of space at Elemental Celebrations,….and so much more!

I turned 60 this year and when I look back over my life I am filled with gratitude for all the living I have done, all the challenges I have met and all the opportunities I have taken. The key elements of my life have been and continue to be, community and story.

I have been facilitating and holding space for women since my 20’s, as a community artist, a puppeteer, a storyteller, a celebrant and a woman.

I remember the first time I ran a workshop for woman only, I was 26 years old and thrown in at the deep end. That session taught me so many things but what I remember most was the ease of being with that group of women. The understanding, the support, the laughter, the listening, the sharing of our stories, the sisterhood in the space was palpable, We had by the very act of coming together, created a sacred space, an intentional space, space outside the ordinary. I have never forgotten those 2 hours, they changed my life and set me off on a path where I have sat in circle and created sacred space with so many women over the years. We have laughed and cried and shared deep wisdom.

My journey as an intentional storyteller began 13 years ago. I have always told stories and been an avid listener but, over time, the stories I read and heard, started to offer up a healing. A deep healing. A subtle and personal healing. As I have honed my craft as a storyteller, it is that aspect that has called to me and that I am passionate to share.

I am a Crone, and a wise woman. I bring wisdom, intuition, compassion, humour, empathy, mischief, knowledge, heart, nature connection, Spirit and the experience of being born a female in a patriarchal world. I stand in my Power and I look forward to circling with you" - Suzanne

You can find Suzanne at:


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