1st February 2020

10 am to 4.15pm

Tickets £15

Christ Church Centre

Magdalen Road


Supported by

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New Year True You -

The New Year's Resolution to create a Self-Kindness Revolution

Come and join us for an empowering day of connection, with different talks, workshops, music and poetry to inspire change, challenge social norms and empower people to love and accept the skin they are in.


Doors open at 10 am


We are going to be delving into this journey with you to inspire you to start celebrating who you are, finding things that nourish you in an authentic way, moving your body in a way that feels really good to you. Supporting your whole being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Embracing the joy of being alive, the pleasure of being a human on this Earth and a wholesome way to connect to your community.


The day will include some gentle grooving, movement and embodiment techniques throughout the event, with special guests offering a number of different topics:

Suki Silvertongue and her menu of delightful poems.

Sarah Durrant will be leading us through her Cultivating Compassion workshop

Kate will be bringing her magnificent "Beyond Skin Deep" art installation (as seen at the Thank You Body Festival)

Neil Lawson will be delivering his "Know Your Worth" workshop

and many more yummy offerings!!

Tickets are £15 for the whole day event plus £1 booking fee.

Teas, coffees and light snacks will be provided


We will also have curry, cakes and raffle tickets available for purchase on the day :)


Want to get involved?

We are currently looking for sponsors for this. If you or someone you know is interested to know more, please contact Amy at info@soul-shine.org.uk


Over the next few weeks we will be sharing conversations we have had with the Guest Speakers and sharing different empowering resources.


Watch this space for more details :)


We look forward to seeing you there!!


Lots of love,


Amy, Kate & Robyn xxxx



Amy Woods

Amy Woods is a Certified Groove Facilitator and passionate about dance. She is on a mission to  inspire people to move in their own authentic and unique way to feel empowered,  confident and uplifted. Uniting people through dance.

Amy is also a  Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Reiki Drum Practitioner, specialising in Compulsive Eating, cultivating a healthy body image culture and empowering people to transform the relationship with the food they eat and the body they’re in from one of shame and guilt to one of nourishment and pleasure. 

She is Founder and Director of the social enterprise SoulShine, which aims to connect and empower people to thrive through community, connection and conversation.

Kate Fisher


Kate Fisher enjoys creating multi media art pieces that encourage people to question the beliefs people hold about themselves and others, encouraging the indiviadual to accept and love themselves as they are as she goes on the journey of how to do that herself.

Kate lives shamanically and works with shamanic practices to support and empower people on their life paths.


Suki Silvertongue

Suki SilverTongue straddles the magical worlds of poetry and storytelling, cooking up lusciously lyrical and sublimely subversive versions of classic tales as you’ve never heard them before and specially the grown-ups...


Suki is the alter ego of Su Squire who has been telling stories for work and pleasure for more than twenty years. She created Suki as a way of taking her storytelling in a whole new direction, giving beloved and favourite tales a powerful poetic makeover. These upcycled tales are full of humour and humanity, painting with words a world of wondrous women full of strength and sensuality.

Since her creation Suki has delighted audiences at festivals, cabaret nights, poetry events, pubs, hen parties, birthday parties and even a yoga retreat!


With an a la carte menu featuring such tantalising treats as ‘Rapunzel’s Lady Garden of Love’, ‘Titania’s Bottom’ and ‘Lady Victoria Frankenstein’, you’ll be spoilt for choice and hungry for more...

Neil Lawson

Until 2009 I was a full-time IT Consultant living in Norfolk and working in the stressful Financial Services sector in London. I had (in theory) a 40-hour working week. My commute was 5-hours daily. I had unforgiving employers, tight deadlines and big budget responsibility. At one point I had a team of 12 and a budget of over a million dollars. I know all about being stressed at work.


I was married, with 2 young children – one with special needs. I know all about work/life balance too. I wasn’t happy or well, but I was too strung-out to notice.

Suddenly, I crashed. I was unable to continue with this lifestyle. I had to make changes. So I changed my career, my relationship and my home. I transformed my life. I know all about life transformation – from the sharp end.


I’ve been there and I’ve survived. Actually, I’ve thrived – and I can show you how to make changes in your life too, whether that’s to feel confident, change your job, career, life, relationships, achieve goals …

I believe that each of us is responsible for our own health, so I take responsibility for my own and challenge my clients to do the same.


I offer group and 1:1 coaching for people looking for support or encouragement to change their own lives.


I am passionate about health and wellbeing and my belief is that everybody is unique and deserves the best support which meets their needs perfectly. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to people so I work with you to achieve what you want, starting where you are.

Neil Lawson Life Coach (1).jpg

Sarah Durrant

Sarah is a coach and leadership specialist offering one-to-one sessions, online group courses and workshops. She enables people to realise their full potential by helping them reconnect with their precious well-spring of inner leadership qualities including wisdom, compassion, intuition and insight, courage, creativity and love.

Sarah is particularly interested in the healing power of self-compassion, and loves sharing insights and practices which help people embody and spread this life-changing quality.

Lewis Skinner

Lewis has many years experience of writing and sharing songs, which come from observations and communion with the natural world, and insights gained through life experience and inner journeys of meditation, healing and growth. 

Also a member of tribal folk band Touch The Earth, his roots are shamanic and earth-based spirituality, living and working close to the earth as a gardener, and taking part in and leading drum circles, workshops and ceremonies for many years.

"Music is about feeling something, my aim is to share that feeling of connection and wholeness that music and nature inspire in me."​


Robyn Caston

Robyn is an empowerment coach and works 1-1 with people who are passionate about creating change in their lives. 


She spent many years travelling the world, volunteering on farms, in communities and on social action projects. During this time she had the opportunity to try many new things, meet amazing and inspiring people and learn new skills. Her biggest discovery was the importance of learning how to be yourself and accept and love who you are. (Not an easy accomplishment!) 


She believes that when we can drop our armour and be courageous enough to embrace our authentic selves - warts and all - that magic begins to happen! Then we can uncover our true gifts and talents and learn to accept, love and appreciate our individuality!


Through her coaching, Robyn empowers people to reconnect with themselves and discover who they really are, she supports and encourages her clients throughout this journey, enabling them to gain the knowledge and power to create the change they want to see and to build the purposeful and nourishing life they want to lead.