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What is Groove?

Groove is a dynamically interactive and creative group dance experience. With great music your facilitator will Unite everyone in a simple movement or rhythm but you get to dance it in your own Unique way, while exploring a variety of different styles and genres. You will experience everything from slow, delicious meditative grooves to heart thumping and strength building cardio beats. The perfect recipe to nurture your mind, body, heart and soul.

No fancy steps or complicated choreography. No need to copy or follow.
No fancy equipment, coordination or dance experience is required. Just come as you are!

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Amy Woods - Groove Facilitator 

Amy Woods is a Certified Groove Facilitator and passionate about dance. She is on a mission to  inspire people to move in their own authentic and unique way to feel empowered,  confident and uplifted. Uniting people through dance, she hopes to build a community of support, acceptance and compassion.

Amy is also a  Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Reiki Drum Practitioner, specialising in Compulsive Eating, cultivating a healthy body image culture and empowering people to transform the relationship with the food they eat and the body they’re in from one of shame and guilt to one of nourishment and pleasure. 


What to expect in a class:

  • Gentle warm up

  • Full on groove

  • Cool down and stillness/ meditation at the end


What to bring:

Comfy clothes, water and a yoga mat if you want lay down for stillness.

This is such a remarkable way to move your body, tap into your creativity and express who you are on the dance floor.

Groove is uniting and connecting people through dance all over the world!!

These classes are for anyone over the age of 14. If you can move, you can Groove!

Come and try it out :)


Weekly Class every Friday at Inner Space, Norwich 

10:30 - 11:30 am 

34 St Benedicts St, Norwich NR2 4AQ


Check out the "Groove Norfolk UK" Facebook page to keep up to date with up coming workshops and other Groove sessions or get in touch with Amy on

Want to have Groove at your event? 

Groove is also available to have at your retreat, event or gathering. It's a fantastic way of connecting people, having fun and supporting people to feel embodied and grounded. It's inclusive, highly flexible and adaptable to your audience and a beautiful way to create and express your authenticity.  

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What People have to say about their Groove experience 


Love Grooving with Amy, slightly out of my comfort zone at the beginning but the more classes I attend, the more I love it. It's very powerful, being able to move my body in a safe, supportive space. I can't help but smile with pure joy. Amy's passion shines through every class.


Such a safe and fun environment. No judgement just JOY! I love this class as it puts fun into fitness.... I don't even think about the fact that I'm exercising! I feel like I'm celebrating what my body can do and totally forget about the critical thoughts I can have about my body! Just awesome!!!


I went to a Groove with Amy Woods. Way out of my comfort zone but I know I need to move my body somehow and this allowed me to do this within my comfort and pain zone. It also made me smile, laugh and apparently ‘not stop saying how much I like it’
Amy makes you feel welcome and everyone is there to move and not judge. You don’t even need special clothes.
Give it a go!


Fabulous Amy is so enthusiastic and gives you the energy to push and enjoy yourself so much more
Magic experience x


I can't wait to Groove again on the dance floor with you Amy! You introduced and held the space beautifully and invited me into some luscious moves to loosen up my body, whilst also reassuring that it is totally fine to just do my thing! Zero judgement, huge fun, body positive dance. Thank you!!!!! X


Grooving is so much fun, it grabs you and you just want to keep going! A fantastic way to work out in a non judgemental, safe environment. Amy is amazing and you will leave feeling awesome 😊