Intuitively Nourished with Amy 

  • Make Peace with your body

  • Find food freedom

  • Tap into your body's wisdom

  • Tune into your intuition

  • Cultivate trust with yourself and your body

  • Nourish your mind, body and soul

Intutively Nourished sessions offer an empowering approach to body image, eating and health challenges. Venturing into the depths of mind, body, heart and soul for an increased sense of confidence, self- acceptance and well-being.

Sessions are tailored to each individual and are available online or in person

Hello lovely one,


I created Intuitively Nourished because I believe that you are amazing, 

Amy Woods is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Reiki Drum Practitioner , Groove Facilitator and Founder and Director of SoulShine.