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   Intuitively Nourished 

with Amy 

    Come home to yourself

    Make peace with your body

    Find more freedom with food

    Build trust with yourself and your body

    Tune into the wisdom that lives within you

Hello lovely one, 

I am really pleased you are here. 

Over the past seven years I have been following the thread of different ways to empower people in their relationship with their bodies and their food. This has lead me down many roads and has enriched my life in countless ways. I have been immersed in the worlds of nutrition, eating psychology, body positivity, body neutrality, creating an empowered body image culture,  Grooving,  storytelling, mythology and archetypes and I have been weaving all of these together into a tapestry of accessible resources and services to support you in coming home to yourself and having a wholesome relationship with all of you. 

I am SO passionate about creating a space for you to cease fire on the war of your body and start to recognise the magic you are. You have an incredible source of wisdom literally built into your DNA that is just waiting to be discovered. 

The story we have been sold is that our bodies are wrong, our eating challenges are a sign that we are broken and that we must be fixed. This story is filled with shame and diminishes us from the inside out. 

What if I told you that you were not broken and that your eating challenge was instead a great piece of your inner wisdom communicating something? 

What if I told you that your body is in no way wrong and that it's doing it's absolute best for you? 

What if I told you there was another way to be in relationship with yourself and your body that involved more kindness, compassion and respect? 

What if I told you that you could eat in alignment with what feels really good in your body? A way that gives you energy, choice and nourishment? 

All of this and so much more is possible! 

Are you feeling called to find out more? Scroll down to find out how we can work together or 

Intuitively Nourished will: 

  • Support you to re-claim your power when it comes to your relationship with food, body and well being and see just how powerful you are. 

  • Make peace with your body for a life of greater choice, freedom and confidence.

  • Help you understand how your body works and empower you with tools and techniques to make the best choices for you. You are the expert of you. 

  • Empower you to radically change the way you see yourself, transforming the limiting beliefs you have around your body and your eating challenges. 

  • Support you to find more Freedom with food, transforming the feelings of confusion, restriction and frustration about what to eat, into feelings of trust, true holistic nourishment, pleasure and satisfaction.

"I came to Amy when it was time for me to don my big-lady-pants and heal my body image. It’s been time for me to release outdated ideas around conditional self-worth;  for me to ground into knowing I’m enough no matter what size; dance with my uniqueness and allow my power to flow. Amy has supported me to do all of these things. In the year I’ve been working with her - I’ve seen huge developments in how I love myself and the freedom I have to eat yummy food, be present in the now and effervescently my myself. Amy is wise and compassionate, knowledgeable and kind and I’m blessed to have her as a sister to walk this journey with". - Ellie

Intuitively Nourished offerings:

1 - 1 Coaching Sessions


         1 - 1

Coaching Sessions

Each Intuitively Nourished coaching session is completely tailored to you and your unique needs and is a place where you can share in a safe and non-judgemental space. 

I will listen with compassion and with a combination of Mind - Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology tools and techniques, visualisation, movement and other embodiment practices, myths and archetypes we will co-create a sacred and nourishing space for you to feel uplifted, held and supported, wherever you are on your journey.

This is also a safe space for you to practice asking for what you need, what feels good and alive in your body and together we will venture into the wisdom within your entire being. 


Each session lasts 1 hour and we connect via Zoom, which I will send you a link to before our meeting. 

Each session costs £40 and if it's our first time working together I recommend a block booking of 4 x sessions, (once a week  over 4 weeks) to really reap the benefits. 

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Body Wise Women 

This 6 week course  is filled with delicious tools, techniques and resources to empower you in your relationship with yourself, your body and your food. 


In this sacred space where science meets soul, we will be diving into a whole range of topics with a combination of Eating Psychology, archetypes, myths, metaphor, visualisation, Groove, creativity and community as our allies;  with the intention to create a new story about the way we eat, body image and the way we connect with ourselves and the world around us. 


Over the past few years I have been following the golden thread that runs through all of these yummy things and have so enjoyed weaving them together into this tapestry. They have radically supported me and deeply enriched my life. I am SO excited to share them with you. 


During our time together you will connect with other amazing women working through similar challenges, you will start to make peace with your body, learn the tools to tap into your inner wellspring of wisdom and start cultivating compassion, kindness and understanding for all of you. 

Body Wise Grooving


In alignment with the New and Full Moon (more or less) we will gather via Zoom for a really fun and empowering Groove session and have some time for reflection afterwards. 

This will be a safe space for you to come home to yourself, replenish, rejoice and nourish your whole being..

We will groove for approximately 50 minutes and then for the other 25 minutes we will have the opportunity to get creative and express, either through journaling, drawing, painting, whatever has been sparked and a chance for you to share and listen to the other Groovers too. I really believe that their is so much wisdom and power in sharing stories, dancing together and witnessing each others journeys.


All of this from the comfort of your own home, garden or outside space!

The beautiful thing is you can take this time and use it however you wish. Whether you want to use it as just a really fun workout or you can see it as a mini retreat every other Thursday to nurture your mind, body, heart and soul. Or both! 


It's entirely up to you how long you stay for and if you just want to come for the 50 minute Groove you are most welcome to.

Click here for more information about what Groove is or get in touch at for more information. 

These sessions are £6 

"Amy's course and inspiring insights help you to feel a sense of belonging in your own body, something that shaming fad diets and the diet industry have taken away from us. The most important lesson I have learned is how to breathe before and during eating and because of Amy's course I know, scientifically, why this is essential. Amy leads the course with a warmth, kindness and openness which is truly engaging. The "body image" session was one of the most powerful workshops I have ever taken. thank you Amy for an exceptional six weeks" - Elizabeth

"As someone who was lucky enough to be part of Amy’s debut course last year and has shared and massively benefited from sessions with Amy I can’t recommend this highly enough and would encourage anybody thinking ‘mmmm I wonder if that’s for me’ to enquire and find out more !" - Bridget

"I am a certified  personal trainer and have been interested in nutrition for many years. What has been great about this program is that it brings together the psychology of our self-perception and our enjoyment of food. For some time I had been eating what I considered to be "healthy" food but wasn't a wholly pleasurable experience. Amy does a great job at explaining how to make good food choices and to enjoy the sacred act of bringing nutrients into our body. In addition, she challenges the ideal body of the ego and encourages us to love ourselves for who we are, inside and out"   - Sam

"Amy has a wealth of knowledge and an amazing presence. Amy has a beautiful heart to nurture you through a difficult subject and provides further reading and podcasts so you don’t stop learning once the course is over." - Szara

Amy Woods is founder and director of SouShine, a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Reiki Drum Practitioner. 

She is also a certified Groove Facilitator and passionate about dance and storytelling.


She is on a mission to inspire people to move in their own authentic and unique way to feel empowered, confident and uplifted.

Uniting people through dance and story she hopes to build a community of support, acceptance and compassion.