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Our Story

We are a social enterprise based in Norfolk, UK, on a mission to inspire change, challenge social norms around body image, holistic health and well being and empower people to love and accept the skin they are in. 


Through the means of coaching sessions, workshops, talks, support groups, online courses and body positive photo shoots, SoulShine aims to build a supportive and compassionate Body Positive Community where each person is celebrated for who they are

Amy founded SoulShine back in 2016 after completing her training as an Eating Psychology Coach. After experiencing her own challenges with her relationship with food and body she was inspired to support others on their healing journeys. 

Amy recognized that having a team of people with a shared vision and core values would enable the SoulShine methods to be more effective and have a wider impact. Consequently, she recruited Robyn Caston in September 2016 with the intention of expanding, in order to target a new demographic which focused on young people between the ages of 11-18


In May 2017 SoulShine collaborated with Shamanic Practitioner, Kate Fisher and photographer Rachel Wright to run the first Wild Woman Photo Shoot. A day in natural surroundings that supports women to feel empowered.

Kate then came to be a Director of the company and an essential part of the team. 

We have run several well being projects in our local community including, Roots to Routes, Dare to be the True You and Empowered Health for adults. Collaborating with various local health and well being practitioners around Norfolk.

"We are so passionate about this work and are striving to connect, empower and support people to thrive on an emotional, physical, mental, and energetic level.

Creating a safe space for people to be themselves" . - The SoulShine Team x

Meet The Team


Amy Woods

Founder & Director of SoulShine

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Reiki & Reiki Drum Practitioner

Certified Groove Facilitator 


Robyn Caston

Director of SoulShine

Social Action Coach

Support Worker



Kate Fisher

Director of SoulShine

Founder of Keepers of Eden

Co-founder of Shamanic Support

Shamanic Practitioner


Environmental Activist