Groove is in the Heart

Hello everyone,

How are you all?

The last 3 months have definitely been quite a journey and what feels like a metaphorical pilgrimage of descending into the underworld, rumbling with so many painful narratives, processing a lot of emotions and coming face to face with white privilege. In so many ways it's been heart breaking, grief ridden and gut - wrenchingly difficult and in so many other ways I have witnessed so much beauty, togetherness, community and SO much learning.

I have been so privileged and have been able to have space and time to really go deep into my healing and well being practices. I have been able to meditate, dance, groove, go for walks, listen to hours of my favourite podcasts and catch up on my "to read" list.

Even with all of this, the darkness nearly completely consumed me. I didn't think that I would ever really want to come back out in to the world again. BUT, here I am, I have found some oomph and some inspiration and my intention is that, with the next few blog posts, I will share some of the things I have learned and different things that have helped me during this time, with the hope it may resonate and help you too.

I wanted to start with Groove, this really has been the golden thread that's helped me keep my feet on the ground and really FEEL and move my emotions. The World Groove Movement has been running regular Funky Friday sessions in which a master trainer or member of the team would Groove us and then do an hours workshop or talk. It's been the one thing that has resembled any sort of structure or routine and has always been really real and inspiring.

I was introduced to Groove for the first time back in 2018. We had received some funding from the National Lottery to deliver a series of holistic well being workshops. We called the project Empowered Health and we collaborated with a series of local practitioners to introduce participants to different methods and resources, to empower them in their relationship with themselves and their well being whilst connecting with a supportive community of peeps doing the same thing.

It really was wonderful and we explored a variety of different topics, one of which was dance and Groove. Eva Howkins kindly offered to run a taster session for us and I have to say I fell deeply in love with the Groove Method.

I have always loved to dance, I did salsa and merengue at high school and then went on to do hip hop and contemporary/ funk during university. I did a few dance show cases with friends from school which we would perform at the end of year celebrations. You would find me most weekends dancing in nightclubs until the sweat poured from me. If you gave me a dance floor and some music that really spoke to me, I would give it my all!

I have always loved all the dance films and my heart bursts when I see videos of people dancing, there is something that is expressed through dance that transcends logic and the mind and just hits me right in the core of my being. Witnessing that in other people is simply breathtaking.

Looking back now, there was always a slight fear of being judged, a pressure to "get it right", sometimes competitive vibes as well and other times I was actually being assessed and marked as part of my grade.

So, although I loved it, looking back now everything I knew about sharing dance with others was either in a sweaty nightclub, structured routine or performing for someone else.

It was only really on my own, dancing in my kitchen and my bedroom that I really was able to embody the music and move intuitively, in a way that felt really good to me and my body. My sacred medicine. My ritual. My "me time".

When Eva came to do a taster for us, I found that there was something so unique and refreshingly different about Groove. At the beginning, Eva shared with us the Groove Foundations or the "Groove Truths"

From the beginning we had permission to do it our own way. Yes there were certain moves to go with it but we had permission to express those moves in our own unique way!. WOW. It felt so special to be sharing this space with other Groovers, moving, dancing , expressing, together and united in the music, connected in the moves but each of us celebrated and supported in the fact that we could not get it wrong.

It was so much fun! And it felt amazing! There was a sense of coming home to myself, a whole new sense of belonging and being seen for who I am on the inside. My passion for dance and community. All in one place.

I loved it so much, I decided to sign up for the Facilitator Training. Yet again, I was completely blown away. I knew the Groove Method was awesome, but I had no idea how profound and deeply supportive and loving the whole Groove community was. How much depth there was in creating the space for other people to experience the joy and magic of it.

In October 2019 I completed all 6 of my practical sessions, I sent off my submission video and was approved as an official and certified Facilitator.

Since then, I have been sharing (both the in person and virtual) Groove dance floor with others. Seeing their experiences unfold, being able to fling myself around the dance floor (although lately it's been my living room with virtual sessions), belonging to a world wide community of Groovers who are SO loving, kind and welcoming, getting to learn more about myself and re-connect with my body in magical ways through dance, is honestly one of the biggest joys of my life. I LOVE GROOVE! if you hadn't already got that. I LOVE IT!

In all honesty, I lost inspiration to run online classes via Zoom when we went into lockdown because I just couldn't get the technology right. BUT I have cracked it folks! Yes, you can hear the music clearly AND me. Woop Woop!

Do you love to dance? Do you love music? Are you looking to move your body in a way that feels exactly right for you?

then let's Groove together! Remember you can't get it wrong, your way is the right way.

I will be running a Groove session every other Friday in alignment withe the Full Moon and New Moon (more or less). The actual Groove will take approximately 60 minutes and then we will have 15 minutes with the opportunity to creative and express, either through journaling, drawing, painting, whatever has been sparked and a chance for you to share and listen to the other Groovers too. I really believe that their is so much wisdom and power in sharing stories, dancing together and witnessing each others journeys.

All of this from the comfort of your own home, garden or outside space!

The beautiful thing is you can take this time and use it however you wish. Whether you want to use it as just a really fun workout or you can see it as a mini retreat every other Friday to nurture your mind, body, heart and soul. Or both! It's entirely up to you how long you stay for and if you just want to come for the 60 minute Groove you are most welcome to.

Check out our events page or click here for more details of upcoming sessions and workshops :)

Click here to find out more about what a Groove session looks like.

I so look forward to grooving with you soon :)

So much love ,

Amy xx

P.S: To find out more about groove, the founder Misty Tripoli and the origin story you can check out

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