Moon Cycles with Robyn

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Wild Woman Week.

I’m super excited to be writing this and connecting with you about the natural cycles of the moon, how they can affect us and how if we are in tune with them we can use them as another awareness tool to help us in our daily lives.

I love the moon. I can’t really explain why. It has always been a symbol of safety and connection in my life. When I was younger, I used to travel a lot and everywhere I went I loved seeing the moon in its different orientations and it brought me so much security. Everywhere I went there she was, guiding me peacefully and reminding me of home. I love that in the UK we see a man in the moon but in New Zealand they see a rabbit, apparently other countries see a woman's face and some even see a toad.

After trying to teach children about the cycles of the moon years ago, in a previous life as a Primary Teacher the phases of the moon have fascinated me. I have always had trouble distinguishing when it was waxing or waning until someone taught me that when it looks like a letter ‘C’ it is waning which means the light is decreasing and when it looks like its a letter ‘D’ it is waxing which means the light is increasing. An additional way to remember it is that the letter ‘C’ is not complete so the light tips out of it where as the letter ‘D’ has a solid outline so the light stays in and builds up. It helped me remember - I hope it may help you too.

Empowered Health

Amy and I have been lucky enough to be given National Lottery Funding for a set of holistic workshops called Empowered Health 2.0 which we are currently delivering online every 2 weeks. They are a follow on from our successful Empowered health workshops that we delivered last year in Norwich. The dates happened to coincide with the full and new moon cycles so we thought it would be great to use these as inspiration for a couple of our sessions. I have found it so fascinating to learn more of the spiritual and ritualistic connections with the moon and how, if we pay attention and follow the cycles we can use the moon to guide us when to let go and when to set intentions for the future. Myself and the workshop participants have gained much from the awareness and the corresponding activities, so I thought it would be lovely to share what I have discovered with you.

"Please bear in mind that these are my understandings and interpretations of the information I have read and collected - so I apologise if I use the wrong terminology or if I have over simplified this too much for those of you that have a far greater and in depth understanding than I do".

Full moon

This is a time of intensity. The moon is at its brightest in the sky and its whole is literally full of light reflecting down on us. This is the perfect time to let go and to release the things in your life that are no longer serving you, so you are able to make room for the things you desire and would like to welcome in. I personally can feel very ‘full’ around the full moon, with a lot in my head and in my world and so this has been a great way for me to take stock of my priorities and pay attention to the things I can control and I have started to off load the things I can not control and the things that are no longer working for me and hand them over to the universe.

One little ritual that really works for me is to take a bit of time out and write down the things that are not serving me and that I would like to let go of. I then burn the list (safely obviously) and it really helps me to let go. Fire is such a powerful element and seeing it burn up the list with my words and transform them to ash makes the process of letting go much easier for me.

Waning Phase

The following 2 weeks after the full moon is the WANING PHASE of the moon where the light is decreasing (C shape). I love this as a visual reminder of letting go and making space, as the light decreases I imagine all those things I was letting go of decreasing too, simply falling out of the moon until it is totally empty.

New Moon or Dark Moon

The light is now all gone, the moon, like you, is empty and ready to fill up once again. This is the perfect time for fresh starts, new beginnings, setting intentions and getting clear about what you would like to bring into your life. In our last Empowered Health session we created intention sticks and mine has become my new favourite thing! It’s a very simple process of taking a little bit of time out in nature to find yourself a stick and also to get clear on what you would like to bring into your life over the next 2 weeks.

Once you have clarity and a lovely stick, take some time out and adorn your stick with beautiful things. As you are creating and beautifying, think about your intentions and set them into your stick, with each piece of colourful thread, bead, carving or written word think of your intentions, imagine how you will feel as they come to fruition and let yourself get carried away with the beautiful positive feelings that these imaginations invoke. Then put your stick somewhere you will see it and let it remind you of your intentions every day.

Waxing Phase

The following 2 weeks after the New Moon, where the light is increasing. (D shape). Again I think this is such a powerful visual reminder, imagine as the light increases and fills up the moon that you too are being filled with the manifestation of your intentions. As the light is building so too are your intentions.

Then we are back full cycle, to the full moon, where you can celebrate the fullness and what has come into your life and then you can once again reassess what is working and what is not and think about what you would like to let go of and the cycle continues.

"All we are is change and following this cycle has given me the structure to gain awareness and get in tune with the constant ebb and flow, coming and going of life. Following this cycle allows me to take time out, pay attention and consciously decide what is not working for me that I would like to let go of and what I desire more of in my life and would like to welcome in".

I hope this very simplified version of the moon phases and the activities that accompany them bring you as much clarity and awareness as they have brought me. Enjoy!!!

Love, Robyn x

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